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Did you know that Springs are very important part of every one's life style, today and into the future? 

Our mission is to "Improve the World with Reliable mechanical Energy solutions"

Springs are a moving, bending, and twisting part of any mechanical part they are used in, they are expected to do that! They are often expected to withstand all sorts of extremes, and must be ready to perform at all times. So the design of a spring is mostly very important if the maximum life is to be obtained from the springs, and make no mistake - So is a reliable spring supplier, who is able to consider for your future! Springs are a technical product; we are using energy from bending metals, and making that useable for people's everyday life experiences. Springs are often a low cost part of the application they are used in, and if not made right, and designed right they can quickly darken your products reputation!

Auspring Industries is dedicated to serving our customers with exceptional service, and exceptional quality.

Don't waste time and money taking a chance on a supplier who does not have the experience or foresight to consider properly for your needs?

Why take a chance with someone who is not able to care properly for your future?

By choosing Auspring Industries to manufacture your springs, you will be given the utmost care to your needs today, and the future of your product.

Our team has over 50 years of experience with spring steels. With such wealth of experience, our family business is eminently qualified to care for our customers!
With our long experience, commitment to our customers, commitment to quality, innovation, improvement, and the fastest possible delivery times. We are the spring supplier of choice for many industries including agricultural, marine, medical, construction, mining and transportation to name a few.  


Give us a call today 1300 789 698, or lodge an enquiry online, or request a quote now! We will be glad to help!


We're here to help you achieve the most innovative solution possible, we're here to help you achieve it affordably, and we're here to help you achieve it sustainably.

Our mission ensures we are considering for the future of everyone! You, your customers, our staff and our suppliers. It ensures we are pursuing continual improvement in our entire business, from design, to manufacture to dispatch. It ensures we remain flexible to succeed with the challenges of the future.

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We strive to serve you, so as to make it "easy", if not essential, for you to consider Auspring as the first choice for all your spring needs. You will be rewarded with total peace of mind regarding all your spring requirements.....the benefits of dealing with an experienced, innovative and unique family business. Our business, as all our customers have discovered, is built on product quality and a commitment to total customer satisfaction.  How could you really and truly put a value on that? Most of our clients say that our service and care actually saves them time and money in the long run!

We welcome experimental and prototype requests, small or large. Your wants will receive our complete attention and our commitment to the highest level of customer support possible. We will work with you, listen to your needs & provide solutions.

Give us a call today 1300 789 698, or lodge an enquiry online, or request a quote now!

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